Multilingual with WPML

Winner is 100% compatible with WPML - powerful plugin that makes easy to run a multilingual website.
Choose the languages for your site and start translating content

Install the plugin and start translating

WordPress by default doesn’t support multi-language content, however a multi-language website is a great opportunity to attract more potential customers to your business. WPML is the plugin that allows you to have your website in multiple languages, easily, quickly.

Winner is fully compatible

WPML is completely supported by Winner theme. We’ve worked closely with WPML team, to grant that every content you create with Winner theme can be completely translated to other languages. From pages, workouts, nutrition tips, categories, menus, fitness calculators, etc. We’ve got everything covered.

One WP Installation, Multiple Languages

WPML makes it easy to run a multilingual website with a single WordPress installation. Choose languages for your site and start translating content.

WPML comes with over 40 languages. You can also add your own language variants (like Canadian French or Mexican Spanish) using WPML’s languages editor.

You can arrange different language contents in the same domain (in language directories), in sub-domains or in completely different domains.

Powerful Translation Management

WPML have the proper tools to allow you to translate everything in your site, with no pain. 

  • Translate pages/posts
  • Translate menus
  • Translate widgets
  • Translate theme strings
  • Translate plugin strings

Allow the final client to translate

Building a multilingual site is the first step. The challenge begins when your clients need to run it. They’re going to love you for choosing WPML!

WPML comes with state-of-the-art translation management. You can turn ordinary WordPress users into Translators. Translators can access only specific translation jobs which Editors assign to them.

WPML sends notification emails, provides a translation management screen, a jobs-queue and side-by-side translation editor.

Custom Language Switchers

A language switcher allows visitors to select the language in which they want to read your content. WPML lets you add a language switcher in different ways: in a menu, as a widget, or in the site’s footer. You can also use it to show links above or below your posts, offering them in other languages.

Winner theme integrates the WPML language switcher with the site’s header metabar.

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